Say Hello To Treebot!

Staying at Treebo Hotels just got extra delightful. Introducing, Treebot, an AI-enabled robot, now in your Treebo room to help you have a ‘botastic’ stay.

How Treebot Makes Your Stay Awesome


It’s your minion

Your Treebot serves you hot breakfast, refills your toiletries, connects your phone to WiFi, streams your favourite music and shows and wakes you up when you want it to. It’s trained to click instagrammable pics too.


It’s your Man Friday

Books your cab, does your online shopping, remembers you and your preferences, every time you stay at any of our hotels.


It’s basically an angel

Sings a song when you enter the room, mimics your pet so that you don’t miss them, gives you privacy by shutting down or waiting outside the room if you tell it to, breaks into a small tap dance if you pat on its head.

It’s waiting! Book your Treebot at Rs. 99* per day. Available from 1st April.

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