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Katra is a spectacular hill station situated on the lower Himalayas, just about 42km from the city of Jammu. It is a small town in the Reasi district which is in the foothills of the Trikuta Mountains. It is also popularly called ‘Katra Vaishno Devi’, as it serves as the base camp for the pilgrimage to the holy shrine of Vaishno Devi. It is booming with tourism and it sees more than five million people every year who wish to embark on this pilgrimage. In a record breaking event recently, there were as many as 51,000 pilgrims travelling from Katra to Vaishno devi in one day!Katra is located at 2500 ft above sea level and experiences mostly temperate climate, although it does experience severe temperature drops during the winter months. Katra continues to be a popular tourist spot, mostly owing to the pilgrimage, although there are other sights to see and travel to as well.

Best Time to visit Katra - Due to the popularity of the Vaishno Devi pilgrimage, Katra can sometimes see more than a crore of people flock in throughout the year. Devotees endure this difficult 12km trek, and it stands as the second most visited sacred pilgrimage in India. The peak season for this is between March to October. It can get quite cold in the winter, but if you are up for it, the trek is even more beautiful at this time with the snowfall. While planning for the trek, be sure to account for the time you are planning it around on, as it can get particularly crowded during the festivals of Chaitra (Spring) and Sharad-Ashwin (Autumn).With respect to stay, one can find a handful of hotels, dharamshalas, and tourist accomodations available at Katra. However, it is strongly advisable to procure all bookings in advance, as good hotels in Katra get booked out at a fast rate .There is also a Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board at Katra which provides clean, well-maintained, economical accomodations.


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Best Places to stay in Katra - Katra has a host of options to choose from. You can find hotels which are close to the bus and railway stations easily enough, just a reminder to make all the hotel bookings well in advance though so you can have a more expansive list to choose from.

Festivals in Katra - Considering its rich and religious culture, Katra has festivals throughout the year. The biggest celebration however occurs during Navratri. A nine day festival during the months of September to october is a colourful experience not to be missed! The temple is decorated with colourful flowers, and the people of Katra are prepared to celebrate the festival with pomp and gaiety. A more divine and spiritual experience cannot be attained than during Navratri at Katra. If you are looking to be a spectator to this festival, however, be prepared for it being crowded, and you would have to plan for this well in advance with hotel bookings, as there may be a shortage of places to stay at considering that this festival itself drives in thousands of people. New Year’s and the onset of Spring are also festive occasions here, but they do not attract a crowd the way Navratri does. Lohri is also an important festival celebrated here, during the month of January. You can enjoy the festivities without much of a crowd, if that is more in your favour.

Experiences in Katra - Whether you are a thrill seeker, adventure seeker, or looking for a more divine experience, Katra with its beautiful hill and sceneries is paradise. The treks and routes here are not to be missed, and the best part is that it is open all year round. While the winter months can get strenuous with the snow falls, treks still carry on still. Experience some of the best views and lush greens here, and leave feeling blessed and at peace.




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