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Located on the banks of River Noyyal and encompassed by the Western Ghats, Coimbatore is the second largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu. The city is one of the fastest growing industrial hubs in South India and has achieved the name ‘Manchester of the East’ owing to its flourishing cotton textile industry. Other names attributed to Coimbatore include ‘Pump City’ (as the city services more than half the entire requirement of the country) and ‘Kovai’. Coimbatore has a well-developed transportation system and stays connected to the other major cities by way of roads (Gandhipuram Bus Station), rail (Coimbatore Junction), and air (Coimbatore International Airport). While Tamil is predominantly spoken by locals here, Kongu Tamil a local dialect, is also used for conversations.

Best Time to Visit Coimbatore - Coimbatore, in general, experiences pleasant weather round the year owing to its positioning between forests and ghats. Coimbatore enjoys the best of both northeast and southwest monsoons and even the ‘winter’ months of November and December witness rainfall. Generally speaking, October to March is when temperatures are lower and humidity is lesser, making this period the best time to visit the city. A number of good hotels in Coimbatore offer great accommodation options at affordable rates. As the city lies 411 meters above sea level, a good part of it benefits from surprisingly good weather. Even when Coimbatore experiences downpours for the better half of the year, the city still thrives on several water supply schemes. Average annual temperatures range from 20°C to 31°C (and goes up to a maximum of 35 °C during peak summer).


Those who are looking for budget hotels in Coimbatore should be able to locate them easily since it's considered the fastest growing tier-II in the country. Book hotels in Coimbatore that are best suited to your travel needs or you might have to deal with plenty of issues such as transport and dining options later on. Treebo has two 3-star properties (namely Treebo Corner Stay at Nava and Treebo ESS Grande at Ram Nagar) that offer memorable stays each time you visit Coimbatore. Guests who have previously stayed at these properties have especially loved the well-appointed rooms, courteous staff and delicious breakfasts.Book Treebo hotels in Coimbatore here: Treebo Athithi Inn


If you’re choosing Treebo as your preferred choice of accommodation, you get to choose between a 190 sq. ft. Maple room (Corner Stay) or 320 sq. ft. Mahogany room (ESS Grande). Our properties are, without doubt, some of the best hotels in Coimbatore. All our rooms come fully air-conditioned and are equipped with King/Queen beds (depending on the property chosen), washrooms with geysers and Treebo branded toiletries, cupboards, flat screen televisions with cable/DTH connectivity, electric kettles (with sufficient tea bags and sugar sachets), and coffee tables. We would suggest you to complete your Coimbatore hotel booking as early as possible, in order to take advantage of reduced room tariffs. There are hotels in Coimbatore catering to every kind of traveler/tourist.


Best Places to Stay in Coimbatore - Coimbatore is best known for its being a bustling industrial center in the state. Hotels in Coimbatore offer guests a plethora of amenities. Hotels near Coimbatore Junction Railway Station or hotels near Coimbatore International Airport would be preferred by those who are travelling to/from the city by train or flight respectively. For those traveling by bus, hotels near Gandhipuram Bus Station would be recommended. While searching for places to stay in Coimbatore, choose a locality that lets you experience the best out of traveling to the city. Fortunately for our guests, Treebo properties in the city are located conveniently close to its major landmarks/tourist spots.

Events in Coimbatore - While Coimbatore is more of a business destination than a holiday spot, it does have its share of events and celebrations. Coimbatore conducts a yearly music festival besides several dance and art festivals in the months of September and December. Festivals like Pongal (the State festival) and Deepavali are celebrated by all residents in the city, regardless of the religion they follow. The Pongal festival takes place in January and the festivities span five days. The Tamil New Year, which marks the beginning of the Tamil calendar is celebrated with many special temple rituals. Eid and Christmas are also celebrated fervently due to the city’s cosmopolitan culture. Due to the large number of Malayalis in the state, even Onam is also celebrated with great enthusiasm. To be a part of the festivities, plan your Coimbatore hotel booking accordingly.

Experiences in Coimbatore - When you’re visiting Coimbatore, ensure that you do not miss going to the Anamalai Tiger Reserve a bustling wildlife spot, Black Thunder a water theme park which is perfect for families, Monkey Falls a wonderful spot to take dips and swim, Dhyanalinga a meditation center for those seeking peace and tranquility, Marudhamalai temple located on a hilltop and has excellent viewpoints, Amaravathi Dam which has a crocodile park and reservoir, GD Naidu Museum with amazing car exhibits, and Krishna’s Butterball a massive boulder that somehow balances itself on top of a hill. When we’re discussing Coimbatore hotels, Treebo should turn up as an obvious first choice. We recommend you to check out Treebo properties if you’re looking for accommodation in Coimbatore.




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Reviews for Coimbatore Hotels

Review for Treebo Trend Ess Grande
Home Away From Home
“I was on an official trip to Coimbatore and my management booked accommodation in ESS Grande. The room was well maintained and the staff was very helpful. All the amenities including 24 hour running water were very good. Most of all, food was served in the hotel. The complimentary breakfast was awe“ some.
review-vani_ravvan, 23 Aug 2018
Review for Treebo Trend Ess Grande
Good deal
“Booked 2 days stay. Was wondering how the experience would actually turn out to be. Location is nice. Clean rooms. Staff is quite warm..polite & helpful. Hot sumptuous breakfast included. Rooms bit small..but who cares, when ur out sightseeing the entire day. Wall hangings with dialogs from cari“ catures of bollywood stars are sure to tickle your funny bone :) Value for money, GOOD DEAL Indeed..!!
review-Rajeev B, 14 Jan 2018
Review for Treebo Trend Ess Grande
Hotel review
“Hotel is very good. staffs are very cooperative. rooms are neat & clean. Very near to main road & market. Room service is very good. one of the good hotel in Gandhipuram. whenever I am visiting coimabtore for business purpose like to stay.“
review-chitrasen924, 16 Sep 2018

Questions & Answers about Coimbatore Hotels


Looking to take a bus to/from Coimbatore during my planned visit next weekend. Can you recommend hotels close to Omni Bus Stand Coimbatore?

Asked by Ashu, 09-05-2018


Find well-reviewed Treebo properties within a 2.8 km radius of Omni Bus Stand by selecting this area under the left navigation tab 'Coimbatore hotels by location'. To proceed with booking rooms at the property of your choice, visit the following link

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Coimbatore Team, 10-05-2018


Thinking of paying a visit to my grandparents who stay near the Gandhipuram Central Bus Stand. Since their house is quite small, I'll require accommodation close to it for a few nights. Give suggestions, please.

Asked by Sanjana, 19-04-2018


3 top-notch Treebo properties can be found close to Gandhipuram Central Bus Stand by selecting this transport hub under the left navigation tab 'Coimbatore hotels by location'. Book your stay now by visiting the following link

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Coimbatore Team, 20-04-2018


3 top-notch Treebo properties can be found close to Gandhipuram Central Bus Stand by selecting this transport hub under the left navigation tab 'Coimbatore hotels by location'. Book your stay now by visiting the following link

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Coimbatore Team, 24-04-2018


As we're travelling to/from Coimbatore by train, we need good accommodation for a few nights close to the Coimbatore North Railway Station. Does Treebo have any hotels in the vicinity?

Asked by Raju, 16-04-2018


Find two excellent Treebo properties located reasonably close to Coimbatore North Railway Station by selecting this area under the left navigation tab 'Coimbatore hotels by location'. To book your stay at either of the properties, click on the following link

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Coimbatore Team, 17-04-2018


We want to spend the last day of our Coimbatore trip on shopping and entertainment at Brookefields Mall. Suggest good hotels close to the mall.

Asked by Ayush, 16-03-2018


A couple of Treebo properties located extremely close to Brookefields Mall can be found by selecting this shopping destination under the left navigation tab 'Coimbatore hotels by location'. Or else, simply visit the following link straight away

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Coimbatore Team, 28-03-2018


As we're travelling to Coimbatore by bus, please recommend hotels close to the Town Bus Stand.

Asked by Madhubala, 09-03-2018


There are a couple of top-notch Treebo properties near the Town Bus Stand which can be found by selecting this area under the left navigation tab 'Coimbatore hotels by location'. Click on the following link for more details

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Coimbatore Team, 12-03-2018