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Treebo Sun Hotel

Treebo Sun Hotel

Nirangani Akhara Bagh, Haridwar

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Hotels in Haridwar

Temple bells ringing in the distance, Hindu priests chanting religious verses and a sense of peace that overwhelms the soul - that's Haridwar for you! While the word literally suggests that it is the 'Gateway to Lord Vishnu', Haridwar is considered to be one among the seven holiest places in India. Steeped in Hindu religion and mythology, the city is known to be one among the four pilgrimage centres in the country that hosts the famous Kumbh Mela. It is here that the Ganga River enters the Indo-Gangetic Plains in North India after having completed a course of 310 km from its source at Gaumuk. Home to a number of temples, ghats and ashrams, Haridwar is indeed a spiritual retreat. With a constant influx of pilgrims and tourists round the year, the city provides a number of options when it comes to accommodation. From luxury hotels that offer awesome views of the city and its famous ghats to budget properties and guest houses, Haridwar has it all. While staying at some of the best hotels in Haridwar may come with a steep price tag, the services and amenities provided ensure a luxurious stay. The budget hotels in Haridwar strive to make sure that guests have a comfortable stay, without burning a hole in their pockets.

Treebo Hotels in Haridwar

Given that Haridwar attracts Hindu pilgrims and tourists all year round, it is but obvious that Treebo desired a slice of the pie here. With the intention of providing guests with quality accommodation that is easy on the pocket, Treebo Sun was launched. Our lone property in Haridwar boasts of being just 2 km away from famous temples like Har Ki Pauri, Chandi Devi Mandir, Daksh Prajapati Mani and Mansa Devi Mandir. With an in-house restaurant that serves vegetarian food, Treebo Sun promises a comfortable stay in Haridwar.

Things to Experience in Haridwar

Irrespective of your reason for visiting Haridwar, your trip is incomplete if you don't go temple-hopping here. Given the number of temples here, do make it a point to visit the Chandi Devi Mandir, the Daksh Prajapati and Mansa Devi Mandirs. The Doodhadhari Barfani Baba ashram is yet another place that attracts a number of tourists and is home to temples of Ram-Sita and Hanuman. Pawan Dham - a temple made of glass pieces, should make it to your list of must visit places in Haridwar. The Har Ki Pauri Ghat is considered sacred and is famous for its morning and evening aarti sessions. For bird lovers, the Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar is a must visit. Situated near the Bhimgoda Barrage, this sanctuary serves as a home to many migrant birds during the winter.