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Treebo Trend Mayur

Library Chowk, Mussoorie
18 reviews
Treebo Trip Himalayan Breeze

Library Chowk, Mussoorie
13 reviews
Treebo Trend KBS Hotel

Camel's Back, Mussoorie
57 reviews

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Treebo Trend Gleaming Resort

Mall Road, Mussoorie
2 reviews

Couple Friendly Treebos

About Mussoorie


Known as the ‘Queen of the hills’, Mussoorie is a hill station in Uttrakhand that has captured the hearts of millions of tourists over the years. Located at the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan range, this idyllic town offers stunning views of the surrounding hills. The history of this small town goes back to the days of the British East India Company, when Lt. Fredrick Young founded this town by building a hunting lodge on the Camel’s Back Road. In 1850, India’s first beer brewery was also built in this gorgeous town and is still active today. The hill station was also a popular getaway of the Nehru family, including former PM, Indira Gandhi.

Best Time to Visit Mussoorie - Mussoorie is located at an average elevation of 2,005 metres above sea level and experiences a subtropical highland climate. The best time to visit Mussoorie is during summer during the months of April to June, when the weather is pleasant. This is also the peak season in the town and a number of colourful festivals are celebrated here during this time. The Summer Festival is organised every year with highlights such as cultural programmes, seminars, debates, cultural parades and much more. Religious and cultural festivals like Phooldeyi, Hariyala, Bikhauti, and Olgia are held during this time. There are number of good hotels in Mussoorie that one can visit during the season to have a memorable holiday. During the months of August and September the town sees heavy rainfall. If you prefer snowfall, the ideal time to visit the town is during the winter months.


If you’re looking to book hotels in Mussoorie, choose a Treebo Hotel to suit your requirement. There are a number of comfortable 2-star, 3-star and budget accommodation in Mussoorie. You can count on these hotels to provide basic amenities to keep you comfortable. Treebo’s cosy hotels are the perfect choice for solo travellers, backpackers, couples, and small families, who are looking for accommodation on a budget. Thanks to our easy-to-use app, booking hotels in advance becomes a breeze. So why wait? Treebo is currently present on Camel’s Back Road in Mussoorie. Book Popular Treebo hotels in Mussoorie here: Treebo Royal Mansion

Couple Friendly Hotels in Mussoorie - If a trip to the wonderful hill station of Mussoorie with your significant other is on the cards, don’t think twice. Treebo has now launched couple friendly hotels in Mussoorie, where couples can stay without being judged or having to endure lectures on moral policing. Stay at some of the best hotels in Mussoorie for unmarried couples. Relish exploring Mussoorie with your partner and have a pleasant, memorable stay!


When it comes to looking for comfortable hotels in Mussoorie, nobody does cosy better than Treebo Hotels. Treebo offers a selection of Acacia (Single), Oak (Standard), Maple (Deluxe), and Mahogany (Premium) category rooms to suit your requirements. Each room is equipped with amenities that like heaters, TV with cable/DTH, an attached bathroom complete with free branded toiletries, and comfortable beds with fresh linens and blankets. Treebo comes close to being on of the best hotels in Mussoorie with its quick service, friendly staff, free WiFi, and complimentary breakfast. Other services and amenities provided in Treebo properties include round-the-clock security, free parking, timely room service and good laundry service. Make sure you complete your Mussoorie hotel booking in advance though, as hotels in the town sell out quickly, especially during summer and winter.


Best Places to Stay in Mussoorie - If you’re planning a vacation to Mussoorie to relax, you can be sure you’ll do just that. There are a number of gorgeous places to stay in Mussoorie. If you’re looking for suitable hotels in Mussoorie to put up in, consider what you’re looking for to get out of your trip. For stunning views of the hills, while staying close to the town, choose to stay at hotels in Camel’s Back Road, which offers a good mix of budget hotels and posh properties. This locality is well connected to the rest of the town and has a number of attractions close by to visit. You can enjoy a leisurely walk on the 3 km stretch and watch the sunset from here.

Events in Mussoorie - Other than the most celebrated festivals in India, Mussoorie also has a number of exciting festivals of its own to watch out for. The Autumn festival is one such event that is celebrated with great pomp over ten days. The festival sees a large number of visitors and puts up cultural and sporting events during these days. The Summer festival is also a huge celebration here and takes places during the town’s peak season. Visitors can witness a number of events including magic shows, debates, folk dance performances and more at this time. Another fair to not miss is the Bhadraj Fair, which is organised by the Bhadraj Temple. Considering the massive crowds that visit the town at this time. It is a wise choice to finish up your Mussoorie hotel booking in advance to enjoy an uninterrupted vacation.

Experiences in Mussoorie - There are a number of beautiful tourist attractions to visit within the city. The Mall is one such place. It is home to buildings like the Tibetan School, Muncipal Garden and National Academy of Administration, which give the town its recognisable old-world charm. You can take a walk-up Camel’s Back Road to Gun Hill to get a panoramic view of the town. You’ll also be able find a number of comfortable and affordable Mussoorie hotels here. Visit the Happy Valley, the first ever Tibetan temple built in India. Discover Mussoorie's most tranquil spots by visiting waterfalls like Mossy Fall, Jharipani Falls, Bhatta Falls, Kempty Falls, and Lake Mist. For a quick bite to eat visit places like Lovely Omelette Centre, Imperial Square, Urban Turban, Neelam, and Cafe de Tavern. A few places of accommodation in Mussoorie also have in-house restaurants that serve the local cuisine. To pick up a few souvenirs head to Star Walking Stick Mfg., Vinod Kumar, Classic Emporium, and Himalayan Weavers. You can also visit the Cambridge Book Depot on Mall Road, which is a popular haunt among the residents of the hill station. If you’re lucky you’ll even get the chance to meet the one and only, Ruskin Bond. You can also visit sites like Christ Church, Picture Palace Cinema, Jama Masjid, Union Church and Sir George Everest House to get a feel for this quaint town.




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Reviews for Mussoorie Hotels

Review for Treebo Trip Himalayan Breeze
Amazing stay
“Situated right in the heart of the mussoorie. Spacious rooms, the beds are extremely comfortable (over 7 feet in size), decent wifi speed, very hospitable and kind staff. The rooms were really cool despite there not being an AC in the room. Looking forward to come back.“
review-DayTrip61255382184, 12 Jun 2019
Review for Treebo Trend Gleaming Resort
“TREEBO TREND GLEEMING RESORT OR PHOENIX HOTEL The Worst Experience you can ever have! The most honest review you'll ever find. To begin with, a hotel under the name ' Treebo Trend Gleeming Resort' doesn't exist. Upon reaching Mussoorie it took us a well one and a half hour to“ find out that the hotel is Phoenix Hotel not Gleeming Resort. We booked this hotel for two days for a family of twenty people at ten days prior to our trip. Our check in date was 2 June 2019, Treebo says the check in time is 12 pm but this is highly incorrect. We reached the hotel at 6 pm on 2 June, only to find out there not enough rooms at this unprofessional disgusting hotel. We had originally booked 7 rooms, but the highly unprofessional and rude staff could provide us with only 5 rooms at 6pm on 2 June. Mind you, the check in time was 12 pm. We were greeted by Mr. Sachin who is higly arrogant and knows nothing about hotel business and how to operate one. Finally after 9 pm we settled in 5 rooms which were allotted in seperate floors, despite requesting several times allot us rooms as close as possible to Treebo prior our check in date. After numerous calls to the Treebo customer care trust me not even one person from this organisation could help us out. We called from minimum 3 different phones and min 20 calls were made and only to get no resolution from the treebo customer service. Coming from such a huge organisation this is highly unsatisfactory and unprofessional. Never using Treebo in my lifetime and urging the same to everyone. The hotel has no parking of its own, you have to shell out a bomb in Mussoorie for parking in public places which is a lot we spent like Rs. 8000 on four cars. the way which leads to the hotel is narrow and no matter what they promise you over phone or website there is no parking and they'll come up with an excuse that the municipal corporation is conducting some work hence the car cant reach the hotel. The walk down from the mall road to the hotel is approx. 300 meters which is a lot to do with your luggage especially in a place like Mussoorie where you come to walk and explore not stay in your hotel. The parking they will recommend you is a couple kms away in another property which belongs to the actual owner of this hotel. And then you'll have to leave your car keys at the other property and praying your car will be fine. We had to create a huge scene and had to ask everything at least 3 times ranging from extra beds to linens
review-Daydream37283296091, 10 Jun 2019

Questions & Answers about Mussoorie Hotels


Want to stay specifically close to Barlowganj during our visit to Mussoorie because that's where our grandparents live. Can you provide a few options?

Asked by Suraj, 09-05-2018


Find a couple of excellent Treebo properties situated within a 2.2 km radius of Barlowganj by selecting this neighborhood under the left navigation tab 'Mussoorie hotels by location'. Visit the following link to book your stay

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Mussoorie Team, 10-05-2018


My boyfriend and I are desperately seeking a summer getaway and Mussoorie ended up one of the top choices. How do we find couple friendly hotels in Mussoorie on the Treebo website?

Asked by Anmol, 16-04-2018


Your search for couple-friendly accommodation ends here. Treebo has a great couple friendly property on Mall Road in Mussoorie. To view this property, apply the 'couple friendly' filter found on the left side of the Mussoorie city page. If not, click on the following link

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Mussoorie Team, 17-04-2018


Will be travelling to Mussoorie in a couple of weeks and I would like to know if there are any good budget hotels near Barlowganj.

Asked by Meghana, 05-04-2018


Treebo Hotels boasts two excellent properties located with a 2.5 km radius of Barlowganj. Both these properties offer spectacular views of the surrounding hills and offers clean rooms with prompt service and quality amenities. You can also expect amenities such as free WiFi, complimentary breakfast, and branded toiletries. Pick your hotel here:

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Mussoorie Team, 10-04-2018


Top attractions of Mussoorie?

Asked by Anurag, 16-03-2018


A popular hilstation, Mussoorie has many waterfalls, temples,and lakes to visit. Do visit Kempty falls, Cloud's End, Lal Tibba (Highest Point), Surkhanda Devi Temple, and Dhanaulti.

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Mussoorie Team, 28-03-2018


I am visiting Mussorie next weekend. Can I book a stay with a friend of mind, who is a girl.

Asked by Swadesh, 01-03-2018


Could you suggest some good hotels near Picture Palace in Mussoorie that are ideal for families?

Asked by Deepika, 21-02-2018


Mussoorie has two Treebo hotels with a 2km radius of the Picture Palace in Mussoorie. These hotels offer Treebo essentials like free WiFi, toiletries, and complimentary breakfast. Click here to pick the hotel which most suits your need:

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Mussoorie Team, 26-02-2018


During my trip to Mussoorie, I wish to stay at/near Gun Hill as I am a big fan of viewpoints. Does Treebo have good hotels in this area?

Asked by Anuja, 16-02-2018


Yes. Treebo properties are located literally a stone's throw away (0.3-0.6 km) from Gun Hill. To find them, select 'Gun Hill' under the tab 'Mussoorie hotels by location'. To proceed with your booking, visit this link

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Mussoorie Team, 08-03-2018


I am looking to stay in Mussoorie for a week and I am interested to stay close to Library Chowk. Could you suggest a good hotel here?

Asked by Madhav, 06-02-2018


There are two comfortable hotels located close to Library Chowk. One is Treebo Royal Mansion which is 800m away and the other Treebo Nand Residency, about 1 km away. Click on this link to book the hotel you find most convenient:

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Mussoorie Team, 08-02-2018