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The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Amritsar, is the Golden Temple (or the Harmandir Sahib). Positioned close to the Wagah border, the city acts as the major cultural and spiritual centre for the Sikhs. Amritsar is also home to Akal Takht, the highest seat of earthly authority of the community of Sikh warriors called ‘Khalsa’, and the committee responsible for the management and maintenance of Gurdwaras. The city has made a name for itself when it comes to commercial activities such as the manufacturing of handicrafts, farm produce, carpets (and other fabrics), light engineering goods apart from promoting tourist to a great extent. Amritsar has certainly contributed a great deal to Punjabi traditions, culture, spirituality and literature. The city is synonymous with its traditional ‘Bhangra’ dance form.

Best time to visit Amritsar - Between the months of November and March, Amritsar experiences reasonably pleasant weather, rendering them ideal for vacations and sightseeing. However, be forewarned that temperatures during this period may go as low as 4°C. The temperatures during the summer months (April to June) can even reach highs of 49°C. Therefore, these months are best avoided. Monsoons commence early in June when the city starts to experience cloudy skies and moderate-to-heavy rainfall. Amritsar can be reached easily via air (Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport), rail (Amritsar railway station) and road (Grand Trunk Road from Delhi). The major question mark that arises when you make travel plans, however, is finding good hotels in Amritsar. Since Amritsar has emerged into a tourist hotspot, you should easily be able to find the sort of accommodation you’re looking for.


Treebo has entered the hospitality portfolio of Amritsar city with 3 prime properties - Treebo Fairway (3 Star) at Court Road, Treebo Dee Intercontinental (3 Star) at Ghee Mandi, and Treebo Ricky International (2 Star) at Hukum Singh Road. While budget hotels in Amritsar are likely to be located next to affordable attractions, two and three star properties would be positioned next to major intersections and great dining/entertainment options. Our Treebo app, available on both iOS and Android, has made things a lot more convenient while you book hotels in Amritsar. Treebo properties are mostly located at convenient distances from the city’s major transit points. Book Popular Treebo hotels in Amritsar here: Treebo Dee Intercontinental, Treebo Ricky International.

Couple Friendly Hotels In Amritsar - Booking hotels in Amritsar for unmarried couples was a challenging task in the past, but not anymore. If you're looking to go on a vacation with your significant other with no judgement from the locals choose a Treebo Hotel. We have a number of couple friendly hotels in Amritsar, where you and your partner can enjoy a peaceful vacation. Just provide a valid ID proof at the hotel of your choice when you check in.


At our properties, guests get to choose between Acacia (single), Oak (standard), Maple (deluxe) and Mahogany (premium). The rooms at Treebo properties are fully air-conditioned, have free Wi-Fi connectivity, and are equipped with restrooms having Treebo branded toiletries and 24*7 hot water availability. Complimentary breakfast is also provided. The in-room amenities at our Amritsar properties include King beds, wardrobes, coffee tables, televisions with DTH/cable connection, and electric kettles. Treebo hotels are without doubt, some of the best hotels in Amritsar. However, we would insist on completing your Amritsar hotel booking procedures in advance so as to enable a worry-free trip to the city. You can find hotels in Amritsar ranging from budget to luxury, catering to the needs of all types of travelers.


Best Places to Stay in Amritsar - Deciding the best place to stay in Amritsar ultimately depends on your travel plans. All our properties in Amritsar are located at short distances of 2-3 km from the Golden Temple. A good number of hotels in Amritsar are providing brilliant accommodation options to guests. Depending on your mode of transportation in getting to and departing the city, you can choose between hotels near Amritsar railway station or hotels near Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport. Treebo properties in Amritsar are situated in some of the best localities in the city, making it's popular landmarks easily and conveniently accessible.

Events in Amritsar - Being a prominent hub of the Sikhs, a number of Sikh festivals are celebrated in Amritsar with pomp and show. The residents of the city are very enthusiastic about the fairs and festival hosted there. Ram Tirath Fair, an event organized at a pilgrim spot (with the same name) in Amritsar, spans five days. The fair features acrobatic stunts performed by gymnasts, magic shows, exhibitions of wild animals and tulla floating. Panchami at Chheharta Sahib involves a kite-flying tradition. Baisakhi is celebrated on the 13th of April every year keeping up with the city’s religious traditions. Guru Parv is observed in the months of November and January when prayers are offered to Sikh Gurus. Hola Mohalla is celebrated as a tribute to Guru Gobind Singh. The people of Amritsar never fail to make any auspicious celebration eventful with their zealous attitudes and amiability. Our suggestion would be to complete your Amritsar hotel booking at the earliest possible time, once you’ve decided the week/month of travel.

Experiences in Amritsar - As far as experiences in Amritsar, no trip here is complete without a visit to the Golden Temple. Besides the iconic place of worship, the top landmarks for tourists visiting Amritsar include Jallianwala Bagh which is now a memorial garden standing as an ode to the historic incident, Durgiana Temple a major temple in the city, Akal Takht a Sikh sacred site, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum which has a good collection of Sikh artefacts, Partition Museum that sheds light on the 1947 Indo-Pak partition, Gurudwara Baba Atal a 17th century memorial, and Gobindgarh Fort. Amritsar hotels mostly feature on-site restaurants that serve delicious Punjabi cuisine. In case they don’t, head to Astoria Food Pavilion, Crystal Restaurant, Bharawan Da Dhaba, Kesar Da Dhaba, The Yellow Chili, Kulcha Land or Kobe’s Sizzlers for good quality dining. With Treebo’s presence, the overall quality of accommodation in Amritsar has shown immense improvement.




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Reviews for Amritsar Hotels

Review for Treebo Trend Dee Intercontinental
Super service by Treebo
“Super service by Treebo , 1st time used this service i got a amazing experience in amritsar hotel, we was here with family and family are also happy with this hotel, nice interior design, i will always recommended to my friend and family to book your hotel only from Treebo. Thanks“
review-BrijeshPatel1, 23 Nov 2018
Review for Treebo Trend Dee Intercontinental
Good Hotel
“Nice stay, good Breakfast, supporting staff and good hotel.Cleanliness is good, We reaching at hotel at 12:00 midnight.We already booked room online and stay in same room. Next time we book room at Treebo.“
review-Voyager35947607365, 15 Nov 2018
Review for Treebo Trend Dee Intercontinental
Comfortable stay
“I stayed here for Official visitthis property near Golden Temple with walking distance of 10 minutesfor me this is comfortable stay, supported staff, clean and buffet BreakfastTreebo Dee Intercontinental 2552/37, Ghee Mandi Gate, Golden Temple Road, Amritsar, Punjab0183-2544989“
review-TS123454321, 7 Oct 2018

Questions & Answers about Amritsar Hotels


Which are some of the affordable hotels close to Jallianwala Bagh?

Asked by Ranveer, 10-05-2018


Check out some of our top-rated properties located within a 2.1 km radius of Jallianwala Bagh by selecting this landmark under the left navigation tab 'Amritsar hotels by location'. Book your stay by clicking on the following link

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Amritsar Team, 10-05-2018


Visiting Amritsar with my girlfriend next weekend. I'm bothered about finding safe, affordable accommodation for unmarried couples. Can Treebo provide any couple-friendly options?

Asked by Pranav, 16-04-2018


A top-notch couple friendly Treebo property is available in Amritsar. To view this property, head to the Amritsar city page and apply the 'couple friendly' filter. Or else, you can directly visit the following link

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Amritsar Team, 17-04-2018


Planning on staying close to Lawrence Road on my trip to Amritsar for five days. Could you suggest some good hotels near this locality?

Asked by Virender, 05-04-2018


Treebo boasts three excellent properties near Lawrence Road in Amritsar, all of which are within a 3 km radius. These hotels offer a consistent quality of services and assured essentials like toiletries, an AC, television, free WiFi, and a complimentary breakfast. Click her to book the hotel of your choice:

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Amritsar Team, 10-04-2018


Looking for hotels close to Bara Hanuman Temple in Amritsar. Does Treebo offer good options?

Asked by Roy, 09-03-2018


You can find excellent Treebo properties in a 2 km radius of Bara Hanuman Temple by selecting this landmark under the left navigation tab 'Amritsar hotels by location'. To book rooms at the property of your choice, visit the following link

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Amritsar Team, 12-03-2018


Could you recommend hotels in Amritsar that are safe for unmarried couples?

Asked by Arti, 27-02-2018


A top-notch couple-friendly Treebo can be found by applying the 'couple-friendly' filter seen on the left side of the Amritsar city page. If not, simply click on the following link

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Amritsar Team, 27-02-2018