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Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan is steeped in history and emanates royalty. With its alluring architecture, grand palaces and pristine lakes it is one of the most popular travel destinations in India. Courtesy to its patron, Sawai Jaisingh II, the 'pink city' enjoys the title of being the first planned city in India. Towering fortresses, mesmerising landscapes, bustling bazaars and decadent monuments promise fun and adventure if you plan on a solo or family vacation.

Best Time to Visit Jaipur - The weather in Jaipur is characterized by a rather warm and arid winter followed an unbearably hot and blistering summer. The only relief comes in the form of the monsoons, which though scanty, is quite intense. That being said, a trip to this city requires much planning, keeping the seasons in mind. Our recommendation would be the winter season which spans from November through February. Festivals like camel festival, desert festival, kite festival, Mewar festival, Pushkar fair, Teej Festival attract most of the tourists. The renowned Jaipur Literature Festival also witnesses a huge footfall of celebrity authors, international literary figures and students from all across the world. You can find a number of good hotels in Jaipur where you can stay while enjoying these unique events. Choose from a plethora of options that include homestays, serviced apartments, budget properties, from 1-star rated to 5-star rated hotels, lakeside resorts and even luxurious palaces, depending on your need and budget.


Treebo offers the hospitality that you look for in every vacation. The budget hotels in Jaipur has a lot to offer but with Treebo you can choose from a variety of 2-star, 3-star, serviced apartments, budget hotels, and guest houses. The budget hotels are great for the backpackers and students, whereas 2-star and 3-star properties attract the families and corporate travellers. Tourists who are looking to spend more time in the city often look for serviced apartments and guest houses. Therefore, when you book a Treebo hotel in Jaipur, you can expect a comfortable stay at affordable prices. Book Popular Treebo hotels in Jaipur here: Treebo Natraj, Treebo Hotel R41, Treebo Avalon, Treebo Bliss, Treebo Grand, Treebo Indiana Classic, Treebo Dream Palace

Couple Friendly Hotels In Jaipur - Jaipur is a popular wedding destination and a popular couple getaway in Western India, so it won’t be a surprise that there are numerous hotels in Jaipur for unmarried couples. If you’re on the lookout for absolute comfort on a budget your best choice would be Treebo Hotels. You can enjoy a number of amazing amenities, great service and comfortable rooms at surprisingly affordable prices. Choose our couple friendly hotels in Jaipur and you can be sure you’ll enjoy a judgment-free vacation.


Treebo has a renowned established chain of budget hotels. Best hotels in Jaipur aim to make your stay comfortable and memorable. Amenities like on-site parking, swimming pools, rooftop cafes, in-house restaurants and facilities to host large as well as small events are what the best hotels in Jaipur have to offer. Basic amenities like air-conditioned rooms, a cable/DTH enabled TV, complimentary WiFi and breakfast are available at all Treebos in Jaipur. With a presence in over 15+ major localities in Jaipur and near the major tourist attractions, Treebo properties are conveniently located to suit all segments of travellers. In Jaipur, hotel booking has never been so easy.


Best Places to Stay in Jaipur - When looking for places to stay in Jaipur here's what you should consider before taking a final call. To experience the best of both worlds- food and shopping, search for hotels in Bani Park. If street shopping excites you try the hotels near Raja park. To cater to the needs of corporate travellers, there are hotels near MI Road that offer great accommodation without burning a hole in your pocket. If you are travelling to the city by train, there are hotels near Jaipur Railway Station that offer decent rooms at rather reasonable rates. If you prefer travelling by flight or need to stopover for a day or two, opt for hotels near Sanganer airport, Jaipur. For interstate travel, you can also choose to stay at a hotel near Sindhi Camp Bus Stand.

Events in Jaipur - When it comes to warm hospitality and traditional festivals, Jaipur and its people are the best. The various colourful fairs and festivals will take your breath away. The Gangaur Festival in March and Teej Festival in August are widely celebrated in Jaipur with sweetly caramelized ghevars and colourful clothes. If you thought that the people of Jaipur only prefer colour in their lives, then you are wrong. During the Kite Festival in the month of January, they literally paint the sky with colourful kites. For the literature lovers and film junkies, Jaipur hosts one of the most prestigious lit fests in India. Jaipur Literature Festival and Jaipur International Film Festival in the month of January attracts a lot of national as well as international tourists to Jaipur. With this in mind go ahead and confirm your Jaipur hotel booking right-away.

Experiences in Jaipur - Jaipur with its regal and old-world charm can transport anyone to the past. The magnificent honey-hued fort-palace of Amer will directly land you in the presence of the luxurious lifestyle of the kings. The Jaipur City Palace is the best place to get a sense of the opulent and lavish lives of the royals. To see the Rajput paintings and manuscripts, visit the Diwan-i-Am in the museum. Another must have experience in Jaipur is street shopping. Your shopping bag and wallet will beg for mercy while you are at Bapu Bazar. From silver jewellery, handmade footwear to multicoloured leheriya sarees and blue pottery, Bapu Bazar is a paradise on earth. Gopal Ji Ka Rasta is your definition of Stairway to Heaven if you are a foodie. Start your day with hot kachoris, sip lassi from earthen kullars, hop to a sweet shop for some rabri and finally end your day with spicy aloo tikkis. Don’t forget to pack some ghevars for your journey back home. Jaipur hotels often offer authentic Rajasthani cuisine which is a must in your checklist. So be smart and choose your accommodation in Jaipur to have an unforgettable visit to ‘the pink city’.




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Reviews for Jaipur Hotels

Review for Treebo Trend Woodsvilla Suites
Nice place to stay at a nice location
“We were actually shifted from the Treebo Indiana pride by the Centralized support system of Treebo hotels. It was really wonderful to receive such prompt and real support from the Treebo Centralized support team. We are grateful to you. Woodsvilla Suits received us with warm reception. Truly it was “ a satisfying experience.
review-drspdas, 15 Jan 2018
Review for Treebo Trend Woodsvilla Suites
Perfect location
“Treebo woodsvilla is located near swai man singh stadium Jaipur. Hotel has one of the best dining facility , every room has balcony which is a add on to the property, all major billing methods are available and currency exchange is also done at hotel!!“
review-ayush d, 20 Jan 2019
Review for Treebo Trend Woodsvilla Suites
Good Experience
“Good experience, clean rooms, on time service, location advantage , clean beddings , tea / coffee preparations are provided with kettle, suggestion - appreciate if u keep at least one pair of sleepers & change sofa covers“
review-VarshaShinde10, 18 Dec 2017
Review for Treebo Trend Woodsvilla Suites
“Excellent service for all the requirements and faster delivery of the services, keep up the good work, place is very exotic, breakfast was very good.Heater in cold season would be an added advantage but not necessary“
review-nareshpopat74, 27 Dec 2017
Review for Treebo Trend Woodsvilla Suites
Very good stay
“Rooms clean, everything was at the place where it was expected. Service was good. Only thing is the room was a little small. Breakfast should have some variety. This hotel is little far (3-4 KM) from main Jaipur city attractions. Mentioning this because in crowded city like Jaipur it takes time for “ travel.
review-GaneshM1483, 10 Feb 2020

Questions & Answers about Jaipur Hotels


Any 3 Star Treebo in Jaipur?

Asked by Rahul Yadav, 02-11-2017


Treebo offers many 3-star hotels in Jaipur where you get the best combination of facilities and prices. You can find the different types of hotels if you select 'Hotel Types' option in the footer and choose the type you are looking for. For 3-star hotels in Jaipur, you can click here: https://www.treebo.com/3-star-hotels-in-jaipur/

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Jaipur Team, 13-11-2017


Do you have any good hotel in Jaipur near Mansarovar area?

Asked by Nishi Singh, 03-12-2017


There are many good options for you near Mansarovar area. You can select the area of your choice in the left navigation under 'Jaipur hotels by location'. Check the complete list here: https://www.treebo.com/hotels-in-mansarovar-jaipur/

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Jaipur Team, 10-12-2017


Do you have any good hotel in Jaipur near Birla Mandir?

Asked by Ramakanth Shukla, 03-12-2017


Birla Mandir is one temple which should surely be on your list while travelling to Jaipur. Therefore, we have many great Treebos near Birla Mandir in Jaipur. Simply choose the location of your choice under the option 'Jaipur hotels by location' and select the best option from the list, which you can also find here: https://www.treebo.com/hotels-near-birla-mandir-jaipur/

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Jaipur Team, 10-12-2017


Do you have any good hotel in Jaipur near Sawai Man Singh Hospital?

Asked by Rishi Kumar, 03-12-2017


There are many great treebos near Sawai Man Singh Hospital. You can check the distance of the hotel from the hospital under the name of the hotel. This can be done after selecting the landmark or area of your choice under the option of 'Jaipur hotels by location' in the left navigation menu. Check out the complete list here: https://www.treebo.com/hotels-near-sawai-man-singh-hospital-jaipur/

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I am planning a visit to Jaipur with my Family. Do you have family hotels in Jaipur?

Asked by Ram Sharma, 03-12-2017


Treebo Family hotels are the best way to spend the vacation with your family. We make sure that you holiday is special and memorable in the most comfortable way possible. Check out the complete list here: https://www.treebo.com/family-hotels-in-jaipur/

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Jaipur Team, 10-12-2017