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Gureghar is a village in the Mahabaleshwar Taluka of Maharashtra, India. It is located 46 KM to the west of Satara and 179 KM from the state capital Mumbai. The nearest major railway station is the Pune Junction which is 83 kilometres away. If you are travelling by air, you will have to land at Pune and then make your way to Gureghar. One of the most popular tourist attractions in this area is the Nature trail that is well maintained by the forest department and is a treat to visit, especially in the mornings. One can easily travel to these places using the regular public transports mediums.If you are planning to travel to the city, hotels in Gureghar Mahabaleshwar are an excellent option to put up at during your visit. Hotels here come with all amenities and offer many services to their guests. Hotels in Mahabaleshwar near Gureghar will take good care of your every need during your stay here. The staffs are quite courteous as well. Mahabaleshwar is visited by quite a lot of tourists, both local and international throughout the year. You can visit the Vienna Lake, Pratapgad and Mapro Garden. There are many elevated points around the city from which you can get an eagle's eye view. Babington point, Parsi point and Elephant head point are some of the popular ones. There are a number of waterfalls as well.You can try out the Maharashtrian cuisine in Mahabaleshwar. It is quite well known for strawberries and other fruits and vegetables as well. The Grapevine Restaurant, Meghdoot and Little Italy are quite popular among tourists for their varied tastes. In the local Mahabaleshwar market, which resembles a farmer’s market stretches for over a kilometre, you will stumble upon various natural products that are hard to find elsewhere. You can pick up strawberries, blackberries, freshly harvested honey, and snacks. Apart from this, shops selling leather footwear, wooden articles, and various crafts made from cane. At night there are a few pubs and bars that you can visit and relax.




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Reviews for Gureghar hotels,Mahabaleshwar

Review for Treebo Trend Prince Palace
10 out of 10 points
“Best place to leave near Mahabaleshwar. Lot of space for car parking. Cleaning around hotel & garden is properly maintened. Cleaning in room is too good. Specially staff (Akshay & Shiv) is very friendly and polite. Prompt room service.“
review-Pavan D, 21 Dec 2019
Review for Treebo Trend Prince Palace
Awasome Hotel to Stay and enjoy
“It has been wonderful experience with Treebo Prince Palace at Panchgani. Stayed here for 2 nights 3 days and had a great experiance and service by Staff (Mr. Shiv), Akshay and the Owner Mr. Rohit. People who are looking their stay must refer this hotel.“
review-mohol_siddhesh, 4 Dec 2019
Review for Treebo Trend Prince Palace
Just Awesome
“I would say that it was one of the best stay at Treebo Prince Palace hotel for 5 days. I would recommend anyone who are planning for a long visit to stay at this place. The staff is friendly and the location is near to all major tourist spots.“
review-vipulsingh1995, 21 Nov 2022
Review for Treebo Trend Prince Palace
Just one word, Amazing
“Amazing property, breakfast, hospitality, safety, pleasant stay, clean rooms and washrooms, furnishings. Feather on the cap, owner Rohit and pricing of the rooms. Simply superb! A bit away from centre but that's fine you enjoy the hotel being a bit away and travel a bit.“
review-WasimMunshi, 9 Nov 2020
Review for Treebo Trend Prince Palace
Beautiful rooms
“The rooms were absolutely beautiful no doubt rooms and toilet were clean. The food was decent the stay was really enjoyable. The climate and weather was really fresh I would recommend each and everyone to book this hotel and enjoy this day. Thanks to Akshay the room service was also quick and fantas“ tic.
review-Odyssey341696, 24 Nov 2019

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Can someone tell me more about the Gureghar trek? How long does it take?Is it heavily commercialized?

Asked by Sumeet, 16-04-2018


Gureghar Nature Trail is a beautiful and tranquil 15-minute trek, hence it can easily be done by small children as well. The trail is peaceful and clean, you will also spot many birds and squirrels while walking. It is not commercialized and not many people visit it. It is advisable you carry your own food and water but ensure you do not litter. The views from the top of the hill are beautiful and you can sit and relax here in peace for a while. Wear comfortable shoes, as the trail can be slippery.

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Mahabaleshwar team, 19-04-2018