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Regional Cancer Hospital is a well-known cancer care hospital in the city of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. The hospital also contains a research institute and is funded by both the government of India and the State government. There are 25 other centres all across the country, they are diligently contributing their services to the people of all regions. The hospital strives for excellence and is reputed for their well-qualified staff. The place around the hospital is convenient to travel from due to its prompt transportation services. The hospital is located at a mere distance of 3.6kmsfrom the Shimla City Bus Stand and is located at a mere distance of 3.6kms from the Shimla RailwayStation.The hotels near Regional Cancer Hospital Shimla are quaint in their appearance and are stunning with their imposing structure. The Treebo hotels are reputed for their state of the art rooms that will make you feel at home. The hotels in Shimla near Regional Cancer Hospital are excellent with staff that are trained to cater to all your needs; they're handpicked for their professionalism and qualifications. The hotels will work hard on making your stay as comfortable and luxurious aspossible. There are several restaurants in the vicinity of the locale such as Café Sol, MezbaanRestaurant and Republic of Chicken.The place is a central hub is well connected to most of the tourist attractions in and around the city.The Christ Church an epitome of grace will stun you speechless with its tranquillity. The place will take you back in the past with its British era architecture. The Army Heritage Museum one of the most famous museums in the town is a must watch with its various exhibits that will enhance your knowledge. The Chail Sanctuary a well known Wildlife Refuge is an ideal place to visit with your family and friends. The ethereal beauty of the location mixed with the breathtaking atmosphere will not cease to amaze you and fill you with peace.




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Reviews for Hotels near Regional Cancer Hospital,Shimla

Review for Treebo Trend Varuna
완벽한 위치와 좋은 전망을 가진 호텔
“몰로드 근처에 위치하고 있어서 몰로드까지 걸어서 1~2분밖에 안걸립니다. 다만 차로 접근할 수 없어서 짐을 들고 50미터 정도 이동해야 합니다. 디럭스 더블룸에 묵었는데, 창밖으로 보는 뷰는 멋집니다. 10월말에 있었는데 난방이 안돼서 아침, 저녁으로는 추운편입니다. 방은 깨끗한 편이나 침구에 약간의 얼룩이 있었습니다. 조식은 무난한 편이고, 룸서비스로 시킨 음식도 양은 많은 편이나 맛은 그럭저럭입니다. 가족단위의 여행객보다는 혼자 조용히 쉬고 싶은 사람들에게 추천합니다.“
review-상헌 이, 3 Nov 2019
Review for Treebo Trend Varuna
Nice place to stay
“Hotel is good in location. Mall road and lakkar bazaar is nearby. Shimla is a place where you have to walk. Hotel offers breakfast n dining facility. Rooms are clean and good. Hot water is not a problem, but have to wait for atleast half an hour for next bucket of hot water.“
review-nareshmak, 14 Mar 2019
Review for Treebo Trend Varuna
“Nice property near mall road. Staff was very cooperative and polite. Food was very nice. Clean and spacious rooms. Lift facility should be there for family rooms at 3rd floor. Worth staying. Overall excellent in all other aspect.“
review-Nomad50957287879, 20 May 2019
Review for Treebo Trend Varuna
“The amount of money that i had paid eventually for the hotel was not justified at all, as the room was not that much clean. Bathroom geyser was pathetic, it was taking 40 mins to heat the water and in 5 mins the hot water gets over. So eventually i had to bath with spine chilling cold water.Location“ was the only thing that we liked about.
review-Sumeet S, 3 Dec 2018

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