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Located in Chhattisgarh, Raipur is the largest city and the capital of the state. It is known for its booming steel and coal industries, which contribute massively to the city’s economy. It’s also known for its fertile soil and is known as the ‘rice bowl of Chhattisgarh’ thanks to its massive production of this staple food. The city was ruled by a number of ancient and medieval Indian kings and to this day holds historical and cultural importance in the state. Contrary to popular belief, Raipur has a number of beautiful monuments and natural splendours to visit.

Best Time to Visit Raipur - Raipur experiences a tropical wet and dry climate, and has generally moderate temperatures throughout the year. From the months of April to June the city experiences summer with temperatures reaching anywhere from 23°c to 42°c. It’s advisable not to go out sightseeing during these months. From July to September, the city receives moderate rain from the monsoons. The city is covered in lush greenery after the rains and is a great time to visit. The festival of Hareli is celebrated during this time, where farmers pray to Goddess ‘Kutki Dai’ for a good harvest and give thanks for their cows and equipment. The best time to visit Raipur however is from October to March, when the weather is pleasant. The city celebrates Dussehra in October and fairs like the Champaran Mela are held in the months of January or February. You can find many good hotels in Raipur any time you wish to visit the city.


When it comes to finding a hotel in Raipur, you needn’t look too far. There are a number of comfortable two-star, three-star and budget hotels in Raipur to choose from. These hotels are the perfect choice for solo travellers, couples, business travellers, medical tourists and families. You will never have to worry about finding a middleman to book hotels in Raipur. With Treebo’s easy-to-use app, you will have your vacation planned with the tap of a screen. Don’t wait! Treebo is currently available in Telibandha, a central locality in the city. Book Popular Treebo hotels in Raipur here: Treebo Ryaan


Treebo has made their way to Raipur and if you’re looking for suitable accommodation in Raipur, choose a Treebo Hotel. You can pick from Acacia (Single), Oak (Standard), Maple (Deluxe), and Mahogany (Premium) category rooms. Each of them is specifically designed to suit the needs of different travellers. The rooms are equipped with amenities like air-conditioning, well-made beds with fresh linens, a television with cable/DTH, and an en-suite bathroom complete with free toiletries. Choose from some of the best hotels in Raipur and you can also enjoy free WiFi and complimentary breakfast. Other amenities provided at Treebo Hotels include quick room service, laundry, round-the-clock security, and free parking. Do make sure you complete your Raipur hotel booking in advance however, as good hotels are overbooked during peak season.


Best Places to Stay in Raipur - When you’re looking for hotels in Raipur, it’s important to consider exactly what you want from your vacation. If you’re wondering which places to stay in Raipur, there are many comfortable neighbourhood options available. If you’re looking to stay in a quiet neighbourhood that isn’t too far from the town, choose hotels in Telibandha. This locality boasts a number of stores, restaurants, cafes and hospitals. The locality is also quite close to the Raipur Junction Railway Station. If you’re staying in town for a short while, it makes sense to stay in hotels near Raipur Railway Station. You will find a number of excellent options here. You can also find a number of hotels near Raipur Airport in case you have an early or late flight to catch from this domestic airport.

Events in Raipur - Raipur has a rich culture that you can get an insight into when you witness the city’s most popular festivals. A major festival celebrated here is the Hareli or harvest festival. Gedi races are a popular sport during this festival, where children walk on bamboo stilts. Hareli is often followed by the Pola and Teeja festivals. Pola is celebrated by worshipping bullocks, while Teeja is celebrated by women who pray for their husbands and sons at this time. Make sure you complete your Raipur hotel booking in advance if you wish to witness these festivities. You can also travel to the city to experience a number of vibrant fairs and melas. A few excellent ones to witness include the Champaran Mela, the First Fruits Festival, the Sirpur Dance and Music festival, and the Earth festival.

Experiences in Raipur - There are number of places to visit in Raipur in case you’re planning a trip here. A few monuments to visit are Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum, Doodhadhari Monastery and Temple, Mahamaya Temple, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Ashram, and Polari. You can find plenty of accommodation in Raipur close to these popular monuments. To witness the city’s natural splendor visit Shadani Darbar, Udanti Sanctuary, and Barnawapara. Raipur’s cuisine can be categorised into tribal and non-tribal food. The staple food here is rice and rice-flour based bread. A few popular restaurants to sample Raipur’s food are the Shells, Sharma Chaat Bhandar, Pashmina, the Montet, Nukkad the Teafe, Mocha, Indian Coffee House, Girnar Restaurant, and Sankalp. A number of Raipur hotels also house restaurants, where you can sample the local cuisine. If you’re looking forward to shopping in Raipur, you’ll be happy to hear that you’ll find everything from the best brands to local trinkets here. A few places to shop in Raipur are Magneto Mall, RK Mall, City Mall 36, Colours Mall, and City Centre Mall.




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Questions & Answers about Raipur Hotels


In Raipur for a night, what are the hotels close to it?

Asked by Abhishek, 16-04-2018


Treebo Ryan is a good option. It is in very close proximity to the station, and although a budget stay, the services offered are of a good quality. Get value for money when you book with Treebo, you can find out more about our properties in Raipur here: https://www.treebo.com/hotels-in-raipur/

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Raipur team, 17-04-2018


I'm looking for a good hotel close to VIP Chowk in Raipur. Is there a Treebo property available in the vicinity?

Asked by William, 05-04-2018


Treebo Blueberry Inn, our top-notch property in VIP Chowk, boasts a great set of amenities that include a king bed, a wardrobe, a luggage shelf, and a study table/chair apart from Treebo standard offerings such as air-conditioning, free Wifi, complimentary breakfast, television with cable/DTH connectivity, and branded toiletries. The rooms are smoker-friendly too. In order to book rooms at this property, visit the following link https://www.treebo.com/hotels-in-raipur/treebo-blueberry-inn-vip-chowk-519/

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Raipur Team, 10-04-2018


Hi, arriving at The Raipur Railway station early on Thursday Morning. What hotels allow for early check in?

Asked by Umang, 16-03-2018


Treebo Ryaan located close to the railway station allows for our guest to check in early, provided that a room is available. https://www.treebo.com/hotels-in-raipur/

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Raipur Team, 28-03-2018


Are there any good places to visit near VIP Chowk in Raipur?

Asked by Bhavin, 21-02-2018


A few places to visit near VIP Chowk in Raipur are Magneto The Mall, City Mall 36, Ajooba Park, Sarvajanik Udhyan, Lal Bungalow, Gandhi Udhyan, Marine Drive, and Telibandha Garden.

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Raipur Team, 26-02-2018


Do you have any property close to the railway station?

Asked by Megha, 12-02-2018


Yes. We have a property that lies very close to the Raipur Railway Station. You can find it by selecting 'Easily Accessible from Railway Station' under the Amenities tab on the left side of the page. Complete your booking process by visiting the following link https://www.treebo.com/hotels-in-raipur/treebo-ryaan-railway-station-586/

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Raipur Team, 14-02-2018