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Among the oldest cities in India, Pushkar is a religious hub for Hindu and Sikh pilgrims all around the year. The city is situated north-west of Ajmer and is built around a holy lake which was said to have been created by Brahma. What makes Pushkar so special is the existence of the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in all of India. The city’s lake also houses over 52 ghats, which bring in devotees from all over India to bathe here. The city is also well known for its annual fair that goes by the name the Pushkar Camel Fair.

Best Time to Visit Pushkar - Pushkar experiences a typical desert-like climate with hot and dry days and cold nights. From March to May the city’s temperatures to reach scorching temperatures of up to 45°C. It’s not advisable to travel here at this time, but if you are make sure you can enough sunscreen and an umbrella. From July to October, the city experiences dry monsoons with scattered rainfall. This is off season in the city, so if you’re planning to travel at this time you’ll get amazing deals on good hotels in Pushkar at this time. The best time to visit Pushkar comes in between the months of November to February when the temperature ranges between a pleasant 15°C to 18°C. The famous Pushkar fair is held during this time.


Pushkar boasts a number of hotels ranging from cosy budget properties to large luxury establishments. You can choose a hotel based on the amount you’re willing to spend and your travel requirements. If you’re looking for affordable accommodation you can choose from a list of 2-star, 3-star and budget hotels in Pushkar that are located close to some of the city’s best attractions. Treebo Hotels in particular provide comfortable rooms at reasonable prices and are the perfect choice for solo travellers, couples, families, and businessmen. You can now book hotels in Pushkar with our state-of-the-art app. So don’t wait. We’re currently present at Jamni Kund Road.


Treebo has some of the best hotels in Pushkar in terms of its amenities and location. Our hotels are located in some of the city’s most prime locations across the city. You can select from specific category rooms, depending on your requirement. Amenities provided across all rooms include an air conditioner, a television with DTH/cable connection, coffee table, fridge, and an en-suite bathrooms. You can also make use of the standard Treebo offerings of a complimentary breakfast, free WiFi and toiletries across all Treebo hotels in Pushkar. Make your Pushkar hotel booking in advance and you can also enjoy on-site amenities like parking, guest laundry, a travel desk for information, and a restaurant on the premises offering appetising food.


Best Places to Stay in Pushkar - Looking for comfortable places to stay in Pushkar shouldn’t be a problem with the number of excellent properties in the city. However, before you start hunting for hotels in Pushkar, it helps to consider what options would best suit your travel need. There are a number of fantastic Treebo properties located close to Pushkar’s most popular temples and ghats. If you’re looking for a place that is surrounded by prominent restaurants, landmarks and tourist attractions, choose hotels on Jamni Kund Road. Attractions like Chandawat Camel Safari, Sri Vaikuntha Nath Swami Temple, Varaha Temple, and Gurudwara Sahib Pushkar Raj. This is also the best place to stay in if you’re looking for hotels near Pushkar Railway Station.

Events in Pushkar - Like the rest of Rajasthan, the little town of Pushkar has a huge and vibrant culture. As a result, there are a number of colourful festivals that you must witness. The Pushkar Fair also called the Kartik Fair is one of the biggest celebration in the city. It is a combination of two separate fairs, the festival of Lord Brahma and the largest camel fair, into one large extravaganza. Make sure you complete your Pushkar hotel booking in advance at this time, as hotels can get overbooked at this time. Makar Sankranti is another massive celebration here and the city gets together to mark the celebration with the Kite Festival. Large, colourful kites are flown during the month of January to commemorate this festival. Other important celebrations here are the Shri Krishna Janmashtami Festival, Ganesha Festival, Rainy Festival, and the Navratri and Dussehra festivals.

Experiences in Pushkar - Pushkar has a number of places that are of religious importance to both the Hindus and Sikhs. Visit the epicentre of the town is the Pushkar Lake that is surrounded by 52 bathing ghats and 400 temples. Since you can’t visit all 400 temples, make it a point to visit important ones like the Brahma Temple, the Varaha Temple, the Sri Panch Kund Shiva Temple, Sri Sawai Bhoj Temple, Pateshwar Temple, and Gautama Maharishi Temple. You can easily find accommodation in Pushkar close to these important shrines, if you’re here on a pilgrimage. Since the city is predominantly Hindu, most of the food available here is vegetarian. Since the city is visited by many Indian and foreign travellers, many varieties of food is sold here. Many Pushkar hotels house restaurants where you can sample the local food. If you’re looking for other options head to Shri Venkatesh, Sixth Sense, Narayan Café, Funky Monkey, Cafe Lake View, Out of the Blue, Tibetan Kitchen, Honey & Spice, Little Italy, and Om Shiva Garden Restaurant. To pick up a few souvenirs, visit the Sadar Bazaar, which is full of small shops selling gift items and souvenirs.




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Review for Treebo Trend Raj Garden
Great family hotel
“Highly recommend for its nice location, just within 2 kms of brahma ji temple, nice hospitable staff, respectful and helpful nature, rooms are spacicious neat and clean. Only improvement point is food taste can be improved and its little bit on highet side considering pushkar where cost of living is“ low
review-Gaurav B, 10 Nov 2021

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Do you accept payments by credit cards?

Asked by Mohit, 26-12-2017


Yes, we do accept payments through credit card at our hotel. We want to make your stay as comfortable and as convenient as possible.

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Pushkar Team, 03-01-2018


Do you provide early check in at your hotels?

Asked by yami, 26-12-2017


Early check-in is possible in Treebo hotels. But it depends upon the availability of the booked room at that time. We do not assure the time of check-in before arrival at the hotel. If you want to check-in before 10 am, an extra tariff for one night will be applicable. You can contact our customer care for more help on this.

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Pushkar Team, 03-01-2018


I am visiting Pushkar for a few days but I have an early bus to catch from Marwar Bus Stand. Is there a hotel close to the bus stand, so it makes my journey easier?

Asked by Vanaja, 16-02-2018


You can stay at Treebo Pushkar Legacy, which is only 1.5 km away from the Marwar Bus Stand. You can expect amenities like a travel desk, wake up service, laundry and a banquet hall on site.

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Pushkar Team, 08-03-2018


Visiting Pushkar for a two days. Suggest a few things to do near Choti Basti.

Asked by Bindu, 21-02-2018


There's plenty to see and do in Pushkar. You can start by visiting places like the Krishna School of Music, Shiv Shakti Art and Handicraft, Old Rangi Temple, Pushkar Lake, Atmeshwar Temple, Savitri Temple, Rangji Temple, Brahma Temple, and Pushkar Meditation Temple. You can also take a camel tour of the surrounding areas.

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Pushkar Team, 26-02-2018


Places to stay at in Pushkar? Help, please!

Asked by Satva, 16-03-2018


If you're looking for a budget hotel with superior amenities and facilities then click on the link below and enjoy a pleasant stay at one of our Treebo Hotels https://www.treebo.com/hotels-in-panchkund-road-pushkar/

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