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The small hill-station of Pahalgam has been a popular tourist destination for several years, and it’s not difficult to understand why. This hill-station is surrounded by tall pine trees, deep valleys, mountains, and lakes. It does not cover large acres of land, but this small quiet town never fails to astound its visitors with its natural beauty. Pahalgam lies at an altitude of 2130m above sea level and remains untouched by progress. It is the perfect retreat for adventure seekers especially as it offers activities such as treks, mountaineering, skiing, and camping sites. The famous Lidder river lies to the left of Pahalgam and really adds to the allure of this small town. Besides this, there is also an amusement park and golf club. The weather in Pahalgam remains mostly pleasant during summer, and temperatures can really dip in winter.

Best time to visit Pahalgam - Pahalgam with its pristine beauty is an ideal place to visit any time of the year. Each season offers its own set of enchanting views, making it completely dependent on the travellers on when they want to visit. A breakdown on what the weather is for each season is as follows, March to June is the onset of summer, with March being relatively cool and it getting hotter by April. However, summer here is mostly pleasant with temperatures ranging between 25 degrees and 11 degrees, and it’s also peak tourist season. The months of July to September is supposed to be the monsoon season, but the region experiences very less rainfall and its mostly humid. This period is perfect for outdoor activities. The months of October to February mark the winter months, and the temperatures can drop to sub-zero, but the region is blanketed in snow and makes for a very pretty sight. If you don’t mind the cold too much, Pahalgam should be experienced in winter. Considering the reputation and popularity of the hill station, there are good hotels in Pahalgam and guests will find options ranging from budget to luxury. However, they are limited in number.


The small hill-station of Pahalgam offers a variety of hotels to choose from, however it is recommended to book well in advance as the number of hotels are limited. Budget hotels in Pahalgam are plenty and Treebo hotels have also entered in to this market, offering travellers economical accommodation without compromising on quality service or facilities available. While staying at any of our accommodations one can expect several amenities that include complimentary breakfast, comfortable beds with fresh and clean linen, room service, and signature Treebo toiletries. Booking Treebo Hotels is also made easier via our app and website, and we have a free cancellation policy of up to 24 hours before booking date.


Treebo Hotels are one of India’s best brand of budget hotels that come with quality services and well-equipped rooms. The hotels are also strategically located giving easy access to the main sights and attractions of the town, and also at convenient distances to the major modes of transport. If you are looking for a budget stay without having to compromise on your comfort levels, then book with Treebo and have a host of amenities at your disposal. When you stay at a Treebo, you are assured of a few amenities, which include complimentary breakfast, free Wifi, TV with cable/DTH connection, comfortable beds with fresh and clean linen, and signature Treebo toiletries. Add to that, the fact that our hotel booking process is simplified with our app, and you have little reason to not book with us.


Best Places to stay in Pahalgam - Pahalgam is remotely located and it is urged that guests book their accommodation before reaching the place, as places to stay in Pahalgam are limited. Travellers will find hotels and resorts for any type of budget, whether standard or high-end, and most hotels will be located in the market itself, although a few hotels are also available across the river Lidder and close to the golf club. Travelling to Pahalgam is possible only by road and since there’s a maximum concentration of hotels in the market area, finding a hotel close to the mode of travel will not be difficult.

Experiences in Pahalgam - Pahalgam has three main sights to see and offer, they are Aru Valley, Chandanwari, and Betaab Valley. One can explore these places by using only local transport. If you’ve come in with a taxi from Srinagar or Jammu, or even if you’re driving a personal vehicle from another state only local taxies can take you around Pahalgam. The charge is standard and there is no haggling. There are entry fees charged at each of these places, and you would be able to cover all three points in one day. If travelling in the winter months, be sure to visit Chandanwari and play with the snow there. Pony rides to Kashmir Valley, Debian, and Baisaran where you can even have a picnic are also a must while in Pahalgam. The Amarnath pilgrimage is a holy pilgrimage taken by many on an annual basis even if its an arduous trek and not for the faint-hearted, the devotion to Lord Shiva pushes people to complete it. It is a three day trek that starts in Pahalgam and usually occurs between the months of June and July. Please note that this is peak tourist season, and finding accommodation in Pahalgam can get difficult, so last minute hotel bookings is best avoided. If you are an adventure-nut, there are plenty of treks and adventure sports to engage in while there. Treks to Aru Valley, Kohli Glacier, Tarsar Lake, Chandiwari and Leh are possible, and there are plenty of tour groups that will assist and guide you with them. The treks are also of course subject to weather conditions. One can also go white water rafting down the Lidder river which is a beautiful winding trip with exhilarating rapids.The small town of Pahalgam also has many stalls selling authentic and beautiful Kashmiri shawls, clothing, quilts and carpets, which have the intricate designs native to Kashmir.

Festivals in Pahalgam - The winter festival of Pahalgam was recently started to increase tourism to this small town during the cold winter months. The festival lasts for two weeks and is a cultural exploration of the people of Pahalgam. Cultural activities such as music concerts and shadow arts are performed by the locals, there’s also an art and photography exhibition and a cultural walk is also organized. There are stalls lined with the locals selling their homemade delicacies as well as many embroidered pieces of clothing ranging from shawls and carpets to stoles, which are all intricately woven.




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