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McLeodganj, also known as Lhasa or Dhasa in Dharamshala is the one place where the vibrant cultures of India and Tibet collide. This picturesque hill station was named after the Lieutenant Governor of British Punjab, Sir Donald Friell McLeod. It attracts thousands of local and international tourists here every year. While a few come here to unwind over a weekend, others come here to volunteer with the Tibetan community, learn yoga or Buddhism, or trek in the Dhauladhar mountains. This idyllic hill station also happens to be home to the 14th Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government-in-exile.

Best Time to Visit McLeodganj - McLeodganj is set an average altitude of 2,082 metres above sea level and experiences cool weather throughout the year. From July to September the hill station receives heavy rains with temperatures ranging from 18°C to 22°C. It’s best not too visit at this time, since the rains can get quite dangerous. From the months of April to July, McLeodganj experiences pleasant summers with temperatures ranging from 22°C to about 38°C. This is a great time to take a trek to the Indrahar Pass and Triund Hill. The best time to visit this hill station however is from October to February when winter gets here. The temperatures fall to a range of -1°C to 7°C and light snowfall accompanies the cold temperatures. There a number of good hotels in McLeodganj to choose from during this season that offers comforts like a heater and blankets to keep you cosy in the cold. You can also witness festivals like Losar and Halda during this season.


McLeodganj has been a getaway for many a city slicker over the years. If you’re planning to visit the hill station, you’ll be glad to hear that there a number of accommodation options to choose from. You will find everything starting from the most basic budget hotels to more expensive luxury hotels. If you’re looking for affordable accommodation, there are a number of 2-star, 3-star and budget hotels in McLeodganj that promise a comfortable stay while being light on the wallet. Hotels like Treebo provide cosy rooms throughout the year with excellent room service and other amenities for the modern budget traveller. If you’re looking to book hotels in McLeodganj, take a look at Treebo’s comfortable hotels in the city. Treebo is currently available on Jogiwara Road. Book Popular Treebo hotels in Mcleodganj here: Treebo Roshan House, Treebo Moon Walk Residency

Couple Friendly Hotels In McLeodganj - McLeodganj in Dharamshala is easily one of the most stunning getaways in North India and if you’re planning to travel here with your significant other make sure you find a great hotel. Luckily it isn’t too difficult to find good hotels in Mcleodganj for unmarried couples. There are a number of excellent options that are perfect for a couples travelling on a budget. On the best options is Treebo, which offers some of the top-rated couple friendly hotels in Mcleodganj. These hotels provide comfortable rooms, where you can forget about moral policing and rest easy.


Treebo is establishing itself in Dharamshala with some of the best hotels in McLeodganj for budget travellers. When you go with a Treebo, you can choose from a range of single, standard, deluxe, and premium rooms. Each of them is specifically designed to suit different travel requirements. Treebo Hotels in McLeodganj provide basic requirements such as complimentary breakfast, quick WiFi, and branded toiletries. Each room is well appointed with a television, air-conditioning, a mini fridge and clean en-suite bathrooms. Make your McLeodganj hotel booking and you can make use of on-site amenities like free parking, reliable room and laundry service, in-house restaurants, banquet halls, and 24-hour security.


Best Places to Stay in McLeodganj - When looking out for hotels in McLeodganj, it makes sense to research the location you want to stay in. Some of the best places to stay in McLeodganj are located close to popular attractions, highways, bazaars, and restaurants. To stay close to some of the hill stations best restaurants, hospitals and bazaars, you can choose hotels on Jogiwara Road. This important roadway is located close to places of interest including the Dalai Lama Temple and Nechung Monastery.

Events in McLeodganj - Most people in McLeodganj are Buddhists and they follow a humble way of life. Since people have mostly stuck to their own traditions and customs, the hill station has remained relatively untouched. To experience this humble community, visit McLeodganj during some of its major festivals. In the month of February or March the hill town celebrated Lohar or Buddhist New Year. At this time the Vajrakilaya tradition is done and a beverage similar to beer, called ‘changkol’ is prepared. One of the biggest celebrations though is Buddha Purnima, the celebration of the birth of Buddha in the month of March or April. A number of religious and cultural programmes are held around the town at this time. Make sure you complete your McLeodganj hotel booking in advance at this time, as they tend to fill up soon. Other major festivities in the hill station include the International Himalayan Festival, Himachal Winter Carnival, Lohri, Butoh Dance Festival, and Halda.

Experience in Mcleodganj - McLeodganj is a flourishing centre to study Buddhist teachings and Tibetan culture. So, it is no wonder that there a number of spectacular Buddhist sites in this town. The most important site here is Tsuglagkhang or the Dalai Lama’s Temple. Other centres of importance in the town are the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, Namgyal Monastery, Gompa Dip Tse-Chok Ling, Gangchen Kyishong, the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, Nechung Monastery, and Norbulingka Institute. If you’re for accommodation in McLeodganj near these Buddhist centres, you have no dearth of options to choose from. You can also visit other tourist sites like Dal Lake, Bhagsu Nath and Falls, the Tibetan Museum, Triund Hill, and St. John in the Wilderness Church. McLeodganj boasts a number of stalls on the streetsides that sell a number of Tibetan delicacies like momos, thukpa, wantons, thupten, tingmo and shaptak. If you’re in the mood for something other than Tibetan cuisine, visit restaurants like the Woeser Bakery, Khana Nirvana Community Cafe, Norling, the Chocolate Log, Carpe Diem, Lung-Ta Japanese Restaurant, and Literati. A number of McLeodganj hotels also serve delicious local and continental food. For a bit of shopping, visit vibrant markets that sell Tibetan artifacts, garments, local handicrafts, carpets, thangkas, jewellery, hand painted t-shirts, musical instruments, woollen goods, muesli, and more. Make sure you visit the Kotwali Bazaar that sells handcrafted items, including Chubas, bags, carpets and more. A few stores to visit are the Village Boutique, Tibetan Handicraft Center, Tibet Book Store, Green Shop, Rogpa, and Lha Tibet Fair Trade.




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Questions & Answers about Mcleodganj Hotels


Do you have full time restaurants at your hotels in Mcleodganj?

Asked by dhwaj, 26-12-2017


Yes, we do have a great restaurant in the hotel for you to indulge yourself in the taste. The yummy and sumptous food made by our chef will surely be a treat to your senses.

VerifiedResponse by Treebo Mcleodganj Team, 03-01-2018


What facilities do you provide in 3 star hotels?

Asked by Ankita, 26-12-2017


We have best in class facilities in our 3 star hotels in Mcleodganj. We provide free breakfast, WiFi and great services along with many other facilities. You can check the facilities for each hotel in the list of 3-star hotels under the 'Facilities' section below Book now button on the hotel page.

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I'm visiting Mcleodganj with my family for about 5 days. Can you suggest information on market places in the area?

Asked by Lavanya, 06-02-2018


We have prepared a list of shopping places on our blog pertaining to the same. You can use the article as a reference guide while touring the city. Here it is

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Do you have hotels with a rooftop restaurant in Mcleoganj?

Asked by Poonam, 12-02-2018


Yes, we do. One of our properties in Mcleodganj has a rooftop restaurant. You can find this property by selecting this amenity (i.e. rooftop restaurant) under the 'Amenities' tab on the left side of the page. Book rooms at the hotel by visiting this link

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I will be travelling for a week to Dharamshala with my girlfriend. Are there any good hotels in McLeodganj for unmarried couples?

Asked by Jaswinder, 21-02-2018


For a comfortable stay with your girlfriend with no judgement or worries, you can choose Treebo Moon Walk Residency for your vacation. The hotel boasts an in-house restaurant, room service, guest laundry, free parking, free WiFi, wake up service and much more. Click here to book this Treebo Hotel:

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