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A major industrial center in the north Indian state of Punjab, Ludhiana is also its largest city. Standing on the banks of River Sutlej, Ludhiana is often referred to as India’s Manchester. The city has played a prominent role in India’s freedom struggle especially since many a Sikh war was fought here. When it comes to textiles and light-engineering goods, Ludhiana is second to none. It has been the hub for the bicycle manufacturing industry in India for quite a while. Manufacture of domestic sewing machines is another strong point for Ludhiana. Many woollen apparel brands have set up businesses in the city. Ludhiana has slowly evolved into a bustling I.T hub as well, with plenty of software firms having opened branches here. Small-scale industrial units continue to flourish in Ludhiana.

Best Time to Visit LudhianaLudhiana experiences a humid subtropical climate with three distinct seasons - winter, summer and monsoon. Summers here can get scorching hot with temperatures hitting highs of 40+ degrees. Winters, however, can prove to be quite the opposite with biting cold conditions and temperatures falling to single digits. Yet, the best time to visit the city is between the months of October and March. The weather during this phase is pleasant and apt for outdoor activities. If you’re visiting during the winters, it is advised to stock up on woollen clothes. It is also during this time that majority of the good hotels in Ludhiana witness excessive booking. If you happen to be visiting during either summer or monsoon, ensure that you’re carrying an umbrella and sporting light clothes. Also, do not forget to keep yourself replenished at regular intervals. Enjoy Ludhiana at its best during the cooler winter months.


Before you visit Ludhiana, it is beneficial to do a little research on the various accommodation options that the city offers. Ranging from 5 star hotels to budget hotels to makeshift arrangements, Ludhiana can provide visitors with a plethora of choices based on your requirements and budget. For those looking to spend less on accommodation, budget hotels in Ludhiana can prove to be more than helpful. We suggest you give Treebo hotels in Ludhiana a try in case quality is your top-most priority. The rooms at Treebo properties are also quite reasonably priced. With the state of the art Treebo app (available on both Android and iOS platforms), you can now book hotels in Ludhiana with ease. Whenever a trip to Ludhiana is being planned, Treebo will come across as the perfect answer to all your accommodation needs. Book your stay at a Treebo hotel right away! Book Popular Treebo hotels in Ludhiana here: Treebo Highland


Treebo’s portfolio in Ludhiana unquestionably features amongst the top hotels in the city in terms of equating quality with the room tariffs charged. Different hotels in Ludhiana may have different sets of amenities to offer. Nevertheless, we suggest you complete your Ludhiana hotel booking at the earliest, as hotels tend to run out of inventory, especially during the winter season. We can give you sufficient reasons as to why you should go ahead with booking your stay at a Treebo property. Not only does Treebo find a spot among the best hotels in Ludhiana, but it also features a splendid set of amenities keeping in mind the requisites of each kind of traveller. The standard offerings at every Treebo include air-conditioning, free Wifi, complimentary breakfast, television (with DTH/cable connectivity), comfortable beds and attached restrooms filled with branded toiletries. There could also be added amenities in the form of room service, running hot water, intercom facility, and round-the-clock security.


Best Places to Stay in LudhianaWhen it comes to hotels in Ludhiana, Treebo obviously has an upper hand. Based on your mode of transport used for arrival and departure from the city, you can go for hotels near Sahnewal Airport or hotels near Ludhiana Junction railway station. Amongst all the places to stay in Ludhiana, choose one that fits your bill perfectly. We recommend you to choose a hotel that stays in the vicinity of the city’s top attractions, shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals and places of worship. In case your purpose of visit is purely business, stay at a hotel that is positioned close to business districts and corporate offices. It also makes sense to plan your stay according to the mode of transit.

Events in Ludhiana - The major festivals celebrated in the city of Ludhiana include Lohri (in the month of January) which signifies the end of the winter season, and Holi a true representation of the city’s vibrancy when the residents come together with great enthusiasm and splash colors over each other. Chhapar Mela is a popular September festival in the Malwa belt of Punjab where locals pay respect to the snake embodiment of Gogaji. Baisakhi is the harvest festival of the state where the farming community indulge in joyous bhangra dance, while Teej festival places its focus on the onset of the monsoon. To make the most of your trip to the city, confirm your Ludhiana hotel booking accordingly.

Experiences in Ludhiana - Ludhiana is blessed with a number of spots that are worth visiting such as Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum which has military costumes and artillery on display, Phillaur Fort which was designed by French and Italian generals, Prabhakar’s Wax Museum that features wax replicas of famous Indian personalities, and Hardy’s World Amusement Park that offers an assortment of thrill rides along with dining and live entertainment options. A trip to Ludhiana is never regarded complete without going on a ‘Tiger Safari’ - an outdoor zoo with a royal Bengal tiger and other animal species. When it comes to dining, restaurants like Indian Summer, Baba Chicken, Basant, Bistro 226, Friends Dhaba Aman Chicken, Sonu’s Kitchen and Gourmet Studio are our picks. Excited to travel to Ludhiana? Is finding accommodation in Ludhiana still proving to be a concern? We believe Treebo hotels in Ludhiana could be the answer!




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