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Treebo Crystal Studio

Sakchi, Jamshedpur
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Treebo Hangout Residency

Bistupur, Jamshedpur
Treebo KC Manor

Bistupur, Jamshedpur


One of the cleanest cities in India,Jamshedpur or Tata Steel City has the greenest lungs, a foodie’s heart, a monster’s enthusiasm for education, a culture-filled upbringing and the classiest way to host its guests. Jamshedpur is a well-designed city with the industrial area on the outskirts, the corporate hubs at the centre and residential areas decorated with gardens, parks and lakes everywhere else. With more than 50 well-established schools, along with the magnanimous campus of XLRI, Jamshedpur is more of a homecoming destination for students completing their education in the city and growing up outside. The city has a very little night life but the best of resto-pubs and high-end bars that you will find in Bistupur, Sakchi and on the Ranchi highway. Although you can visit the city whenever you want, March 3rd- the Founder’s Day and the days of Durga Puja, between September and October are the best times to be in Jamshedpur. While the Jubilee Park illuminates with expert lighting and musical fountains on 3rd March, the city turns into a mini Kolkata with unique temple structures, mighty deities and colourful carnivals, around the city during the Durga Puja holidays. This city is mostly visited by corporates on their trade-mission but Jamshedpur hotels have mastered the technique of providing a home away from home for all kinds of travellers. Hotels in Jamshedpur vary from lavish three and four-star properties located at Bistupur, luxury holiday and picnic resorts that are located on the Ranchi highway and budget stay options that populate near the railway station and in the residential areas of the city. The best hotels in Jamshedpur are grand in terms of services, amenities and their location. The budget hotels in Jamshedpur come with standard amenities and are well-connected to the rest of the city.


India’s best rated hotel chain- Treebo is in the Steel City of Jamshedpur as well. When you look to book a hotel in Jamshedpur, choose out of our first two properties- Treebo Hangout Residency and Treebo Crystal Studio. Both the hotels are at Jamshedpur’s star locations- Bistupur and Sakchi. Unlike other Jamshedpur hotels, Treebo Hangout Residency and Treebo Crystal Studio come with the much loved Treebo quality, service, free Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfast, of course! While Treebo Hangout Residency in Bistupur features, the popular Hangout Café and Hookah Bar that caters to your leisure needs in the best way, Treebo Crystal Studio pampers your official requirements with on-site facilities to host business events, in a location like Sakchi, which is the heart of the city, only a few minutes away from major corporates- Jusco and Tata Steel. With Treebo racing to expand its presence in the city, booking budget hotels in Jamshedpur is never going to be a compromise on quality again. With a quick booking process, easy cancellation policies and 100% (T&C apply) refund policy, your experience with Treebo will always be wonderful.


A day in Jamshedpur includes the following in the list. Your morning starts with jogging around the long stretch of Jubilee park and stopping by to gaze at the picturesque rose garden. A rejuvenating walk after the tiring jog leads you to a green path dotted with seating arrangements by the Jubilee Lake. The beautiful lake is a home to migratory birds that populate the little island in the center of the lake and it is a wonderful watch indeed. The lake stretches further inside the zoo where you can venture in for a very little charge and enjoy picnics, boating, zoo-safari rides and much more. After the energy-draining morning jog, when your hunger pangs scream for attention, take a cool stroll outside the Jubilee Park gates, and you will be delighted to find over hundred breakfast stalls selling, tea & coffee, South & North-Indian breakfast options for a cost you will happily exclude from expenses. After XLRI and Tata Steel, Jamshedpur is also known by its movie theatres- the Payal Talkies and the Eyelex Theatre. An afternoon show at any of these will keep you entertained till evening. If you want to shop instead, head to the Sakchi or Bistupur market, the biggest shopping destinations of Jamshedpur. From a needle to an anchor, you will find everything here. When you are in Bistupur, don’t forget to visit the Ram Mandir, Ramkrishna Mission, Natraj hotel road and the boundaries of Regal Stadium. While the first two enwrap you in its peaceful, serene environment and gives you the opportunity to feed pigeons, meditate and listen to various mythological stories, the latter is Jamshedpur’s own version of a food lover’s paradise. From Litti-chokha, chaat to rolls, kebab parathas and masala cold-drinks, the most popular vendors sell their best recipes here and their stocks run out faster than you can believe. The river Kharkai and Suvernarekha flow through the city and make several picnic spots on the outskirts of Jamshedpur. If you are in the city during the winter months (October to February), you can be a part of Jamshedpur’s picnic culture as well. There is not much to take away from this city but friends, relatives, students and tourists carry back packets of Namkeens from Fakira or Girish’s snacks store, sweets and Mishti-Doi (sweet curd) from Mishti and Mouchak in Sakchi, as tasty souvenirs and special memories from Jamshedpur.

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