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Bhopal, widely known as the “City of Lakes”, is the capital city of the state of Madhya Pradesh. Considered to be one of the greenest cities in India, Bhopal is home to a large number of natural and artificial lakes. Being centrally located, the city remains well-connected to most parts of the country. In the recent past, Bhopal has undergone a major infrastructural transformation in terms of urban development. Yet, the city still manages to retain its old world charm with the early part of the city still marked by narrow walkways and crammed marketplaces. The newer side of the city boasts of parks, lawns and lush gardens. Bhopal continues to shine with its share of educational institutes, I.T and academic hubs besides upholding its ancient heritage. Business hotels in Bhopal look to cater specifically to business travelers visiting the city. Treebo’s portfolio (Kamla Regency at M.P Nagar, Sun Palace at Avera Hills, and Shagun at Peergate) constitutes some of the best business hotels in Bhopal. Business hotels often tend to position themselves in close proximity to corporate offices/business districts. As part of delivering the right set of amenities for business travelers, these hotels provide its guests with free WiFi, enable fast check-ins and check-outs, have their own conference rooms (with projectors, long tables and refreshments), and remain easily accessible at any given time of the day. An in-house restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a usual component in business hotels. The most popular landmarks in Bhopal include Van Vihar National Park where you can watch hyenas, tigers and lions in their natural habitats, Taj-ul-Masajid a huge 19th-century mosque that features elegant arches, domes and minarets, Bharat Bhavan an independently-functioning museum and arts complex run by the Bhopal government, and the nearly two-centuries old Shaukat Mahal (which used to be the Nawab’s seat). Popular restaurants in the city include Manohar Restaurant (and Dairy) which is like a hot-spot for sweetmeats, Greek Food & Beyond offering an array of European dishes, and the all-night-open Filfora.




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Reviews for Business Hotels in Bhopal

Review for Treebo Trend Sun Palace
“It was awesome! Room and bathroom were clean, staff is very polite. They use to make you avail everything you want. Breakfast had a wide variety. Overall it was a fantastic experience to share with everyone😊“
review-anushreesaxena, 23 Jan 2020
Review for Treebo Trend Sun Palace
“This was a nice and comfprtable hotel with big room, big window with outside view (main road)..nice toilet & toiletries... good complimentary breakfast, tasty food...helpful front and autos almost always available outside the hotel....Sourav“
review-SOURAV1968, 19 Oct 2019
Review for Treebo Trend Sun Palace
Treebo Bhopal a nice stay
“A decent hotel. Room space is good with cupboard and a small dining table. Cleanliness and bathroom was good. Food is very tasty and variety of veg and non veg is available.overall comfortable stay and good service.located near to highway.“
review-johnty2019, 24 Nov 2019
Review for Treebo Trend Sun Palace
Trebo rooms
“Good service. Friendly staff Excellent location with parking space. Team was supportive and room service was ontime. One of the room was good, however other room was not clean. Central location and additional bed was made available“
review-Preet S, 15 Apr 2019
Review for Treebo Trend Sun Palace
Rejuvenating experience!
“Terrific nightstay; very comfy and spacious rooms; spot-on room service and responsive staff. Food provided by the hotel's bar is commendable as well. And the bathrooms are very hygenic. 10/10 recommended.“
review-Getaway09329717218, 10 May 2019
Review for Treebo Trend Sun Palace
Good budgetry Hotel
“Nice hotel with cooperative staff and speciality is 24 hours food service. Room is spacious and equiped with necessary amenties. Little far from main M.P. Nagar but not more than 2 km. Easy to access just in front of Subhash Nagar Crossing.“
review-PS28052019, 5 Jan 2020

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