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Welcome to Itsy Hotels, where we pack a punch in a pint-sized package!

We're Itsy: tiny in name, but huge in vibe and value. Born for the savvy Gen-Z traveller, we're sprinkling our brand of budget-friendly magic across metro cities and cool leisure spots. Think of us as your quirky home base, minus the hefty price tag. At Itsy Hotels, we believe in keeping it simple and fun. Our rooms? Compact, yet complete with all the essentials.

Our service? Fast, friendly, and without the fuss.

Whether you're city-hopping, beach-crashing or just exploring what's out there, we're here to make sure your stay is as smooth as your favourite playlist.

With Itsy, you get more than just a place to crash. You get a launchpad for adventure, a cosy corner to recharge, and some extra cash to splash on what really matters: your journey.

So, pack light and live large at Itsy Hotels, where little things mean a lot!
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Book now, pay later
Thrift best prices across
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Invest in Treebo Club
points that pay off
Check-In Where the Vibes Are Right!
Comfy rooms for the perfect slumber
Free breakfast? Yes, please!
Ever-present staff who are never MIA
Free Wi-Fi, 'cause we know your priorities
On-the-house toiletries, pack light, travel right
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Explore lit stays and dope deals
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