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15 of the Best Pubs in Jaipur City to Have a Blast

Pubs in Jaipur

Typical tourist activities in Jaipur are bound to include time while spent at pubs, bars, and nightclubs. These are the likeliest spots for tourists to be drawn to after spending a considerable time enjoying all the sightseeing opportunities Jaipur has to offer.

This blog aims to help visitors on a quest for the best pubs in Jaipur with a detailed and comprehensive list of the excellent watering holes this city has to offer.

15 of the Happening Pubs in Jaipur

This list of the 15 highly rated pubs in Jaipur strictly features watering holes in the city with excellent visitor reviews and rankings. For the sake of variation; a few lounges, a bar and a nightclub in Jaipur has been added to the mix. Read further to know more.

1. Blackout

Blackout | #1 Pubs in Jaipur (source)

Blackout Pub on the 9th floor of Hotel Golden Oak opens its doors to guests at 2 pm and soon transforms into a lively city hotspot.

This pub excels at continental and north Indian cuisine and features a well-stocked bar of beers, spirits, and wines. The additional rooftop seating area offers an excellent view of Jaipur city.

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2. House of People

House of People | #2 Pubs in Jaipur (source)

There is a lot going for the House of People pub at Hotel Las Vegas. This watering hole is wheelchair accessible, offers valet parking, has both indoor and outdoor seating areas and offers a screening of live sports as well as live music performances by way of entertainment. The cuisine is primarily Continental and the alcoholic beverages available here are varied.

3. 100% Rock

100% Rock | #3 Pubs in Jaipur (source)

This is the nightclub cum pub on this list as promised. 100% Rock is about letting your hair down and twerking on the dance floor. The food is a variation of Continental, Chinese, North Indian and Thai cuisine alongside a well-stocked bar.

Live music and karaoke are also on offer. Outdoor seating is an option for those that find the insides of a nightclub too confining.

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4. 3 D’s Restro Lounge

3D Restro Lounge | #4 Pubs in Jaipur (source)

3 D’s Restro Lounge is as its name suggests; a relaxed setting in which one can down a couple of beers and refuel on some delicious foods.

You can for the rooftop seating area that promises a great view or chooses the indoors. Live sports screening and full bar are what brings patrons to this watering hole.

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5. Jaipur Bar Stock Exchange – Grand Uniara

Jaipur Bar Stock Exchange – Grand Uniara | #5 Pubs in Jaipur (source)

This hangout has a couple’s entry only policy. However; the live entertainment, the excellent European, Spanish, Continental and North Indian cuisine and a wide range of cocktails and mocktails are definitely some things you would want to share with a friend or a special someone. As a bonus; this place offers free WIFI; so you don’t miss your emails and social media.

6. Henry’s The Pub- Hotel Park Prime

Henry’s The Pub | #6 Pubs in Jaipur (source)

Henry’s The Pub is a popular joint for its relaxed ambiance, North Indian and Continental Cuisine with an emphasis on meeting the needs of guests from within the country and abroad and a full bar.

This pub is wheelchair accessible, is conveniently located and offers outdoor seating for those that enjoy a more natural ambiance.

7. Scorpion A Pub City

Scorpion A Pub City | #7 Pubs in Jaipur (source)

Scorpion A Pub City has everything and more; a dance floor, karaoke, outdoor seating with a city view, live sports screening, dedicated smoking area and live music.

The Continental, Chinese and North Indian cuisine available here ensures you have enough to eat and the full bar makes sure that you get your drink of choice. This pub is conveniently located and pocket-friendly.

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8. Lounge 18

Lounge 18 | #8 Pubs in Jaipur (source)

Lounge 18 at the Jaipur Marriot Hotel offers a luxurious and relaxing space to enjoy a few drinks and good food after a long day of sightseeing in Jaipur.

True to the definition of a pub; the Marriot Hotel provides great accommodation alongside its watering hole facilities. This hangout serves excellent cocktails, delicious finger foods, is wheelchair accessible and provides valet parking.

9. The Lounge – Crowne Plaza Jaipur

The Lounge – Crowne Plaza Jaipur | #9 Pubs in Jaipur (source)

Conveniently located and very popular; The Lounge –Crowne Plaza Jaipur is well known for its value for money and prompt service.

This lounge is open 24 hours on most days and is just the right place for tourists with an untimely craving for food and alcohol. North Indian and Continental is the cuisine of choice here and this hangout comes with outdoor seating as well.

10. Slounge – Lemon Tree Premier

Slounge – Lemon Tree Premier | #10 Pubs in Jaipur (source)

The booze is good as usual at Slounge – Lemon Tree Premier, but what you really want to look out for is the delicious kebabs at this hangout.

Finger foods and a full bar are the specialities at Slounge – Lemon Tree Premier and live sports screenings ensure that you have a fair dose of entertainment.

11. Sammy Singh’s Rooftop

Sammy Singh’s Rooftop | #11 Pubs in Jaipur (source)

The food at Sammy Singh’s Rooftop revolves around fast food staples like pizza, burgers and tikka kebabs. Additionally; the well-stocked bar ensures a greater chance of getting a drink of your choice.

The cocktails here are a good alternative for teetotalers and the dedicated smoking area ensures you do not have to step out for a dose of nicotine.

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12. WTF

WTF | #12 Pubs in Jaipur (source)

The food served here is Continental, Thai, Chinese, Italian, North Indian and Lebanese while the alcohol is limited to fine wine and beers.

WTF specializes in providing a good leisure experience in more ways than one and the pool tables, dance floor, live entertainment and live sports screenings bear testament to this fact. The free WIFI is a definite bonus for checking emails and uploading food selfies to Instagram.

13. Asteria

Asteria | #13 Pubs in Jaipur (source)

The food here is varied and you have the benefit of choosing from Arabian, North Indian, Kashmiri and Continental and the choice of fine wines are great.

Asteria is wheelchair accessible, has an outdoor seating area with a great view and is known for entertaining guests with live music and live sports screenings.

14. Holywood

Holywood | #14 Pubs in Jaipur (source)

Holywood is a lounge in Jaipur that stands out for it eccentric interiors. However, according to patrons; this only adds to the cool factor.

This lounge limits its alcoholic beverages to wines and beers and you can choose from Mexican, Italian, North Indian and Chinese in terms of cuisines from around the world. This lounge comes with rooftop seating and live entertainment.

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15. F Bar & Lounge

F Bar & Lounge | #15 Pubs in Jaipur (source)

This is the only bar in Jaipur to be featured on this list but it is definitely one of the best. F Bar does double up as a lounge as its name suggests and the relaxed ambiance here is a testament to this fact.

The cuisine options here are Chinese, Continental and North Indian with special emphasis on delicious kebabs and the well-stocked bar has almost anything you may need.

In conclusion; judging by the highly rated watering holes compiled for this list; one can see that these are the best pubs in Jaipur with a few lounges, a nightclub and a bar thrown in for variation.

If you can think of any other pub, nightclub or bar in Jaipur that you would recommend; leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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